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Adult stem cell breakthroughs

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25.09.2019 5:48:16 Vuktilar:

I think she is just a normal person. I think every person likes to know that they are attractive. I don't get why what she said was so controversial. Who can blame her? Women throw themselves at her husband all the time, that in itself has to hit her self-esteem. Even though I'm with someone, I still like to know that men find me attractive, it doesn't mean I'm gonna do anything with them.


25.09.2019 8:43:57 Daigul:

Shit made me groan lol


26.09.2019 13:51:08 Nikole:

follow your heart.. marry her


26.09.2019 14:06:38 Guramar:

I'd fuck her daily


28.09.2019 19:56:38 Akishura:

I just loved the introduction to the show! A CLASSIC! 😀

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