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Brave one sex

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07.05.2021 21:59:46 Arashishicage:

Lol no. I colour code the scents so they are pretty easy to tell apart for the most part. I just had a head scratcher moment trying to figure out if the pink ones were watermelon or strawberry XD and I had some purple ones that were lavender and some that were a lilac/lavender blend so I had to really put my nose to the test. But they are all sorted and labeled now and the new ones Iā€™m making are going to be bagged and labeled as soon as they harden enough to avoid headaches like this in the future. šŸ˜‚


09.05.2021 11:22:20 Zolokinos:

absolutely stunning!


09.05.2021 12:03:50 Kigagrel:

You guys are very sexy


09.05.2021 22:18:08 Duzragore:

omg i sensed in love with this lady, she's amazing


11.05.2021 10:23:13 Kazrabar:

It is funny how people today think a viral video is more important than their own safety.

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